Software Development

Exploring technology with the best features

NL-SMS has the expertise and experience to identify the need, design and build the solutions right from scratch to finish such that it is tailor-made to the specific requirements of the customer. You get a full life cycle support that starts right from the requirements gathering phase including business process re-engineering and progresses to the analysis of the requirements, technology and architecture determination, design, project planning, implementation, testing, deployment, post deployment support and finally maintenance

Delivering powerful, flexible and scalable software solutions – from a single application to an enterprise wide system using a wide range of tools and techniques on a variety of platforms, our offerings help you achieve your strategic business objectives. From initial concept to final implementation, we carefully assess your competitive needs to deliver a solution that has a positive impact on your overall organization and bottom line.

What we do

NL-SMS has been consistently performing in the areas of software technologies and tools, expert at architecture and implementation of the latest technology innovations. We even explore the in-house technology products, secure interaction with technology leaders, contribution in the technical forums and industry conglomerates assist us to stay at the cutting edge of technologies.

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