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Those users who subscribe to your service get these kinds of messages. These messages are only for transactional purposes.

These messages help to promote the services/products of businesses of any nature. However, it is to be noted that promotional messages can’t reach DND numbers.

Promotional Transactional
Sender-id not required Sender-id required
Template approval not required Template approval required
Messages can be of any nature Messages can be of only transactional nature

Customized SMSs are helpful to send customized or personalized messages to various numbers. For illustration: Dear XYZ, your child ABC has score N% in internal examinations.

2-way messaging is for interaction purpose which means that it will allow you to both receive and send the messages.

Long Code or Virtual Mobile Number is used by various businesses receive messages. It is an easy-to-recall number for various services of any business. For illustration, FREE-> 9990099900 and SMS rate are applicable as per cellular operators.

Yes, we have international service providers on-board.

Cloud communications are voice and data communications based on internet services that provide complete telecom framework.

This service is to call the numbers from which you receive missed calls. When a user calls, the call is disconnected automatically after two rings. It helps you to auto call back or auto reply message.

Through an IVR system, a flow is set as per the response by the inputs of user. It also allows to forward the calls to required departments.

You can see 3 types of analytics:.
1. Live view
2. Overview
3. Agent view

Yes, you can have Voice API from us. To get complete information, you can send us an email or call on given numbers.

Yes, there is New button to create multiple IVRs.

Yes, we do provide API key that can be restricted to only given IP address.

Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) is a virtual number where all the incoming SMSs are received. Yes, we do provide VMN.

To access VMN service, you should have following things:
a) An active VMN account
b) Valid username and password
c) Web browser on computer with active internet connection

Yes, you can blacklist a set of number from VMN account.